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Vanilla Vs. French Vanilla: What’s the Difference?

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dark brown colored vanilla beans

It seems that everywhere you look in the retail store’s aisle, there are lots of vanilla-flavored products sitting on the shelves. Then, this one catches your attention the most: Natural vanilla and french vanilla. Don’t mistake one for another. Let us tell you the truth: Natural vanilla and french vanilla are not the same.

While you are busy wondering about the difference, we’ll guide you in understanding the difference. This article will further explain about:

What’s Natural Vanilla, Exactly?

The most authentic vanilla is a long, dark brown colored pod that we call vanilla beans. It comes from the flat-leaved vanilla orchid. When you come to the nearest retail stores, commonly you’ll find these bulk vanilla bean types sold commercially; Planifolia vanilla beans, Tahitian vanilla beans, or Madagascar vanilla beans. It’s due to the fact that the biggest vanilla suppliers are Indonesia and Madagascar. The countries where vanilla bean plantations are spread throughout the lands and exported worldwide year-round.

Bulk vanilla beans need to split open first to scrape out the vanilla caviar before transforming any dish into heavy vanilla-flavored. After all, this vanilla caviar is the sweet magic that can turn the gloomy crowd cheering! You can add vanilla caviar to baked goods or give it a round to make homemade vanilla products; vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste, and vanilla sugar.

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What About French Vanilla?

French vanilla actually stands for the ice cream-making method. To clear the misunderstanding, french vanilla isn’t named after where it’s grown. Truth be told… there’s no such thing as french-origin vanilla beans. 

Instead, this ‘french vanilla’ term refers to egg yolks used in french style ice cream method. The egg yolks are used to create a thick-rich consistency in the ice cream products. In producing french vanilla ice cream, food manufacturers are open to their options of vanilla flavorings between natural or artificial vanilla flavorings for french vanilla ice cream. Therefore, every time you see french vanilla-labeled products, it can refer to 2 things. Either the manufacturer is describing the ice cream-making method, or it’s nothing more than a marketing strategy.

A Guide to Differentiate Vanilla Vs. French Vanilla Ice Cream

French Vanilla Ice Cream

Let’s discuss how they differed in appearance. First, we can say the easiest thing to differentiate vanilla from french vanilla is the color. Vanilla ice cream looks white to light beige in color, while french vanilla ice cream shows a pale yellow color. 

Secondly, the colors are the result of the ice cream base. Think about the base; you’ll notice that vanilla ice cream gets its color from the white-colored cream base. On the flip side, french vanilla ice cream possesses a pale yellow shade from the egg yolk base.

Last but not least, those bases play an important role in determining the ice cream’s final taste. Cream-based makes vanilla ice cream tends to have a plainer taste than French vanilla ice cream. Otherwise, french vanilla ice cream reveals a custard-like consistency. Fortunately, with a little help from the egg yolks, french vanilla ice cream has a richer taste than regular vanilla ice cream.

Where to Buy Bulk Vanilla Beans in the United States?

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