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Vanilla Bean Powder As a Substitution of Vanilla Extract

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Vanilla extract vs vanilla extract

Looking for durable and health-conscious ingredients to get that natural vanilla flavor in your baking or consumer goods manufacturing? 

You might be using teaspoons of vanilla extract in your ice cream, baked goods, or pastries. However, as many professional chefs and ice cream makers know, adding vanilla extract is unsustainable. Vanilla extract contains alcohol which requires high temperatures to properly remove the alcohol from the product. 

All things considered, you might be thinking of looking for a replacement for unhealthy vanilla extract and vanilla artificial flavorings.

Still, looking for a vanilla extract substitute can be daunting as well. Assuming it might contain imitation vanilla flavoring (let’s take that so-called vanilla powder with additional synthetic vanillin as an example). 

Consequently, consumers have started to pay closer attention to product labels and health-conscious ingredients over the past few years. Some of them are even intolerant to any teaspoon of vanilla extract in the goods they consume. 

Whereas there is no doubt that sourcing or buying any vanilla product in bulk, whether it’s Planifolia Grade A vanilla beans, Extract Grade B Vanilla Beans, vanilla extract, or vanilla bean powder, all can be expensive. The positive news is, ground vanilla bean powder is arguably the best substitute for vanilla extract. Pure ground vanilla bean contributes to a rich vanilla flavor in your baked goods with no undesirable effects.

In this article, we will go over:

The key differences between vanilla bean powder and vanilla extract

When it comes to vanilla for commercial uses, there are two popular types of products on the market. Most of the time, people’s choices will go around vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder. 

Both of them are byproducts of vanilla bean bulk. The key difference between extracts and powders lies in the manufacturing process.

What is Vanilla Extract?

In producing vanilla extract, soak bulk vanilla beans in alcohol until it dissolves the flavorful compounds in the pods. During a high-heat baking or cooking process, the resulting liquid will evaporate and remove the alcohol content, leaving behind a concentrated vanilla extract. That’s the only way to remove the alcohol content of vanilla extract.

Interesting fact: In mass-produced vanilla ice cream, you’ll find that the flavor of vanilla is commonly produced from flavored extracts.

What is Vanilla Bean Powder?

Vanilla bean powder, on the other hand, is made by grinding whole vanilla beans into a fine grounded dark brown powder. This vanilla powder still contains all of the vanilla bean’s flavorful compounds, including the stem, caviar, and whole pod. It’s a new method of processing the vanilla bean pod.  

Hence, vanilla bean powder becomes well known as a potent ingredient for baking and cooking. 

Indonesia is one of the world’s leading producers of bulk vanilla bean powder. Blessed with the tropical climate, it’s significantly ideal for growing vanilla beans. 

As a result, 100% natural Indonesian vanilla bean powder possesses a richer and sweet flavor. Compared to other types of vanilla bean powder on the market, it captures the heavy vanilla flavor that you desire.

How to Use Vanilla Bean Powder in Your Recipes?

From time to time vanilla is a widely used flavor in many different cuisines. Grinding Planifolia vanilla beans that are rich in caviar (being the core vanilla flavor) is how vanilla powder delivers a great aroma and taste.

Vanilla bean powder is a key ingredient in many recipes from pastries to cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Furthermore, it’s a go-to choice when a recipe calls for heavy vanilla flavor. 

To use vanilla bean powder, simply add it to your recipe as you would any other powder ingredient. For example, in making vanilla cupcakes, you would add vanilla bean powder to the batter along with other ingredients. Not much different from adding vanilla extract to your mix. 

The amount of vanilla bean powder you use will vary depending on the recipe and your personal preference. For starters, you can add with a small amount and increase it until you achieve the desired flavor. 

Additionally, vanilla bean powder is also a great way to decorate baked goods. Sprinkle it on top of frosted cupcakes or dust it over a cake for a beautiful vanilla flavor. At this point, be creative and experiment with vanilla bean powder in your baking recipes to steal your consumers’ hearts. 

Pro baker tip: For flavor variety, use additional spices like cinnamon powder to dust over the top of your cupcake.

The vanilla powder has a natural intense taste. Thus, you can use this in a smaller ratio compared to pure vanilla extract. Use 2.5 teaspoons of ground vanilla bean powder for every 5 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Depending on the amount of consumer goods you make, the calculation may vary.

Where to Buy Vanilla Bean Powder Direct from the Source?

Vanilla bean powder is a great, affordable alternative to vanilla extract. Buying directly from the source is recommended if you’re looking for the highest quality vanilla bean powder.

Essence Food and Beverage LLC is a vanilla beans and other spices supplier in Los Angeles. Next time you are making a purchase order for vanilla extract, also consider vanilla bean powder. You won’t be disappointed – the results will be just as delicious! Order in bulk online and get free shipping to all U.S. locations.

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