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Vanilla bean powder from Indonesia
Vanilla bean powder from Indonesia (back)
raw vanilla bean powder
Vanilla bean powder from Indonesia
Vanilla bean powder from Indonesia (back)
raw vanilla bean powder
SGS certification and FDA facility

Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk

$190.00 per bag (1kg)

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Ground (pure) vanilla bean powder is the perfect alternative to vanilla extract. All-natural powdered vanilla is used by a wide variety of manufacturers and local businesses for multiple baking/cooking applications. Giving cold or warm desserts and pastries a rich, creamy vanilla flavor. 

Alcohol-free, Gluten-free substitution for vanilla extract and artificial vanilla. Add vanilla bean powder bulk to your list of all-natural vanilla flavors.

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1 – 2 Kg $190.00
3 – 4 Kg $180.00
5 – 10 Kg $170.00
11 – 25 Kg $160.00
26 – 90 Kg $155.00
91 – 200 Kg $135.00

Quantity Price
1 $190.00
2 $190.00
3 - 4 $180.00
5 - 10 $170.00
11 - 25 $160.00
26 - 90 $155.00
91+ $135.00
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About Pure Vanilla Bean Powder

Our vanilla bean powder bulk is a pure blend of Tahitian & Planifolia Indonesian vanilla beans mixed with sweet vanilla caviar.

Whether for baking or cooking in bulk, Essence Food & Beverage powdered vanilla is a perfect fit to add rich vanilla to your sweet pastries, ice cream, and/or coffee.

Our vanilla bean powder bulk contains low calories per serving & is a perfect fit for customers who seek health-conscious food, beverages, and pastries with a touch of heavy vanilla flavor; undoubtedly a perfect substitute for vanilla bean extractives.

Using 100% all-natural ingredients, our vanilla bean powder bulk is delivered directly from the source, with guaranteed satisfaction and competitive prices on bulk orders.

Don’t be tricked by so-called “pure” vanilla powders, which consist of dextrose (or some other sugar compound) sprayed with vanilla extract. The white color of these powders gives away that they’re mostly sugar. Our rich, dark brown ground vanilla is just that —pure ground vanilla beans— period. It contains no other ingredients or additives whatsoever. 

By comparison, even ‘pure vanilla extracts’ contain alcohol solution. Means that it’s not an all-natural option you can count on in your healthy lifestyle. Switch from your vanilla bean extractives with an alcohol-free substitute, pure powdered vanilla, today! Get a sample of our raw vanilla bean powder bulk or purchase directly below.

How Is Vanilla Bean Powder Made?

With our sister company PT Jaffarindo Indonesia, we hold a decade of proven results in the spice industry. We produce and deliver the best Indonesian Tahitian vanilla powders, sourced from exclusive vanilla farms on a single estate in Java Island, Indonesia.

In producing powdered vanilla, dehydrated whole vanilla beans in bulk are grounded into fine powder. Thus, it’s clear how our powdered vanilla gets its dark brown color. It obviously comes from whole vanilla planifolia and tahitian vanilla beans without any additional fillers and is 100% natural.

Additional Information

Additional information



Lead Time

3 – 10 Business Days


Dark Brown


Store in a cool, dry place


Pure ground vanilla beans – Planifolia Vanilla

Health Check

This product does not contain any preservatives, sugars or additives.

Country of Origin


Handling / Storage

Store in a cool, dry place

Shelf Life

2 Years

The Kitchen Experiences

Grade A 1kg vanilla beans bulk Vanilla Beans Bulk Grade B Vanilla bean powder from Indonesia
Grade A Vanilla BeansGrade B Vanilla BeansRaw Vanilla Bean Powder
Premium 35% alcohol Extract Factory
Bakery Shop
Retail Shop
Hotel & Restaurant
Commercial Food Manufacturing
Commercial Vanilla Extract Factory
Bakery & Pastry Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of trying to mimic vanilla flavor from your artificial vanilla flavorings, isn’t it better to make a change by shifting to all-natural and healthier vanilla flavoring like gluten-free powdered vanilla? 

Use powdered vanilla for an upgrade from regular vanilla-flavored to premium vanilla bean-flavored baked goods or desserts. Without a doubt, our bulk vanilla bean powder is a perfect fit for making Crème Brûlée, vanilla pastry, vanilla cakes, vanilla chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla bean ice cream in food manufacturing and bakery/pastry shops.

Yes, absolutely. We offer the most affordable price possible for every bulk order you make. Visit our wholesale page here to learn more about purchasing vanilla bean powder at wholesale.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC delivers to all areas in the United States. Through our sustainable supply chain from Indonesia, we have the capability to supply to non-US companies as well. Contact us to learn more about delivering in the U.S. or worldwide.

Indonesia is one of the best vanilla bean producers worldwide. They continuously grow the best option of excellent quality pure ground vanilla beans throughout the world. After serving thousands of small to mid-sized businesses around the globe, we hold a decade of proven results to introduce one of the best Indonesian Tahitian vanilla powders, which sources from one of the best vanilla producers’ farms on a single estate in Java Island, Indonesia. Learn more about how vanilla beans are grown.

Our powdered vanilla is made from 100% pure ground vanilla beans. We ground only the whole vanilla pods without additional chemicals, flavor enhancers, and other additives. The pods are then finely ground into a powder with a mix of vanilla caviar to maximize the flavor and aroma.

Our vanilla bean powder is a pure blend of vanilla planifolia and tahitian vanilla beans. Without a doubt, our pure ground vanilla beans taste and smell like vanilla beans without additional sweeteners. We take pride in the quality and freshness of our products. This allows us to partner and supply small to mid sizes of bakery around the globe & be a part of their business success.

Vanilla bean powder is SGS certified and 100% all-natural. Thus, we refuse to cut corners when we produce our powdered vanilla in bulk for retail or manufacturers. With operations in Indonesia, we know where and how vanilla is cultivated. We have a triple-check inspection to ensure quality in our FDA-registered facility. Our company holds proper certifications that allow the exportation of pure ground vanilla beans to the U.S. Lastly; we eliminate the use of chemical materials, artificial sweeteners, additional flavor amplifiers, and any other additives.

Your buying experience and convenience are our priority. We offer flexible payment terms for our vanilla bean powder bulk purchase. We are flexible to opening a letter of credit, the domestic transaction with the contract, and other options for documentation upon your request. For online transactions, there is a small 3% charge fee applied to the order. For other forms of payment, please contact us

2 reviews for Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk

  1. Simon goldberg

    We use it to produce vanilla paste for best seller Gelato at our shop. The product has a wonderful natural vanilla flavor, we are now very confidence having vegan sign at our store.

  2. Jerris

    I love it to make Vanilla Bean Paste for my cappuccino every morning! It works great. That is what i use it for exclusively. Very happy with this product.

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