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Grade A 1kg vanilla beans bulk
planifolia vanilla beans
Premium grade a vanilla
18cm Premium Grade A vanilla beans bulk
Grade A 1kg vanilla beans bulk
planifolia vanilla beans
Premium grade a vanilla
18cm Premium Grade A vanilla beans bulk
SGS certification and FDA facility

Vanilla Beans Grade A Bulk

$200.00 per bag (2.2lbs)

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Planifolia vanilla beans from Indonesia are hand-picked at its purity of essence. These vanilla beans Grade A produce one of the highest amounts of vanilla caviar, making it suitable to level up the taste of gelato, baked goods, and sweet pastries.

Meet consumer needs and support health-conscious decisions with your raw ingredients. This all-natural vanilla is sourced directly from the our vanilla producers.

Quantity Price
1 – 2 bag (2.2 lbs – 4.4 lbs) $200.00
3 – 5 bag (6.6 lbs – 11 lbs) $193.00
6 – 10 bag (13.2 lbs – 22 lbs) $184.00
11 – 25 bag (24.2 lbs – 55 lbs) $173.00
26 – 99 bag (57.2 lbs – 217.8 lbs) $158.00
100 – 200 bag (220 lbs – 440 lbs) $140.00

Quantity Price
1 $200.00
2 $200.00
3 - 5 $193.00
6 - 10 $184.00
11 - 25 $173.00
26 - 99 $158.00
100+ $140.00
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About Bulk Vanilla Beans Grade A

Consciously sourced from one of the best vanilla beans producers in Java Island, Indonesia.

Before export, we manually triple-check the pack to ensure the good quality and only use professional chamber vacuum sealers to maintain the quality & moisture.

Getting more from a single bean is a perfect suit for retail customers who are seeking to get more from single pods.

Planifolia vanilla beans from Java, Indonesia, have been known worldwide for holding higher vanillin content compared to vanilla from other origins like Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico.

We strongly believe that our gourmet grade will exceed your customer expectations due to affordability and supreme quality.

How Are Grade A Vanilla Beans Harvested?

Essence Food & Beverage and sister company PT Jaffarindo Indonesia takes part in vanilla production, from the beginning of green vanilla orchids to the packaging process. Indonesia is a world-leading vanilla beans Grade A bulk producer. These premium Planifolia vanilla beans are cultivated in a single estate plantation on Java Island. It takes 8-9 months to fully grow healthy and aromatic vanilla beans Grade A bulk

Fertile volcanic soil, tropical climate, and dedicated farmers are the main factors in growing bulk vanilla beans in Indonesia. As a result, it enables Indonesia to continuously supply fresh, natural, and flavorful Planifolia vanilla beans worldwide at the most competitive prices.

Additional Information

Additional information

Lead Time

3 – 10 Business Days


Dark Brown/ close to Black


100% natural Planifolia Vanilla Pods

Health Facts

This product does not contain any preservatives, sugars, or additives.

Vanillin Content

Vanillin Content: 1.8 – 2.4%


Soft, Oily, Flexible Planifolia Vanilla Beans

Single Package Size

10 X 10 X 10 cm vacuum sealed or custom upon request

Handling / Storage

Store in a cool, dry place

Country of Origin


Shelf Life

2 Years

The Kitchen Experiences

Grade A 1kg vanilla beans bulk Vanilla Beans Bulk Grade B Vanilla bean powder from Indonesia
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Premium 35% alcohol Extract Factory
Bakery Shop
Retail Shop
Hotel & Restaurant
Commercial Food Manufacturing
Commercial Vanilla Extract Factory
Bakery & Pastry Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Vanilla beans Grade A bulk are best for culinary purposes in bakery/pastry manufacturing for commercial use. These vanilla beans produce high amounts of vanillin content that will perfectly blend in with your recipes. Use vanilla beans Grade A bulk for baked goods/desserts like crème brûlée, vanilla bean cake, vanilla bean pastry, vanilla bean donuts, vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla bean glaze, and other vanilla-flavored products.

The excellent quality and best flavor of vanilla beans are mostly obtained through traditional methods, which involve a high frequency of hand-processing, from the hand-pollination step to the curing process. Additionally, the long cycles of vanilla bean cultivation (around 8-9 months) play an important role in its high price as well. Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is committed to shortening the supply chain from Indonesia to the US, offering businesses an opportunity to buy vanilla beans at the lowest market price.

1 review for Vanilla Beans Grade A Bulk

  1. donfood

    Amazing quality, very good length. I continue to order every 3 months and receive the same quality of service and produce every time.

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