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Comparing the Best Indonesian and Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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Best Indonesian Vanilla beans

You plan to change, upgrade, or explore your choice of vanilla. You check your inventory and realize that you need bulk vanilla beans afterward. But, you end up getting trapped in a confusing situation with different variations of vanilla beans coming from several countries of origin.

It’s wise to keep your options open in choosing vanilla beans for your baking or ice cream/gelato making. Commonly, people will choose vanilla beans from the best 2 countries which produce the best vanilla beans; Indonesia and Madagascar. 

With beautiful crops, rich soil, and sustainable measures for vanilla cultivations, each region produces different types of vanilla beans. The different characteristics are covered in its taste profile, aroma, and even the vanilla beans’ physical appearance. Thus, your vanilla bean choice will slightly contribute to your creme brulee, ice cream, and other recipes’ overall result.

There are three main species of vanilla in the world: Vanilla planifolia, vanilla tahitensis, and vanilla pompona. But, where do vanilla beans come from?

Vanilla Beans Production for Commercial

Although Indonesia and Madagascar have indeed become the world’s-primary vanilla beans bulk producers, this beautiful aromatic spice from the orchid family is also cultivated in other regions of the world. Vanilla bean production for commercial use also spreads throughout Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Tahiti, India, Uganda, China, Comoros, Reunion Island, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and others. 

Fun fact: World trade and territory conquest play an important role in the expansion of vanilla plantations. 

Besides Indonesia, vanilla planifolia primarily grows in India, Mexico, and Guatemala. Vanilla tahitensis cultivation spreads along West Papua of Indonesia, Tahiti, French Polynesia, and New Guinea. In Mexico, Central America, Columbia, and Peru, you can regularly find vanilla pompona’s plantations.

Pro tip: If you are a baker, chef, and ice cream maker, understanding the world’s best vanilla beans and each vanilla bean’s taste characteristics will help you in deciding which one to use and key flavor notes of your products.

Indonesian Planifolia Vanilla Beans Specifications

Additionally, Indonesian planifolia vanilla beans offer you a unique experience of vanilla beans’ flavor and aroma profile derived from the sun-dried technique used by the farmers. Hand-picked at the peak of its freshness, they produce caviar that can’t be matched by any other. All in all, the best part about these rich treats is how versatile they are for baking recipes, ice cream making, and other commercial uses.

Indonesian planifolia vanilla beans are 10-15cm long (4-6 inches) which reveal a rich, woody, and earthy aroma. At the same time, they still maintain a creamy and smooth flavor of natural vanilla with a slight touch of fruit-like notes. In contrast, Indonesian planifolia beans that grow in the Papua Sentani area typically contain a stronger floral aroma with an earthy flavor. 

Indonesia continues to supply US manufacturing and local businesses with high-quality and natural vanilla beans in Grade A/Grade B. Some may argue that the volcanic soil and geographic elevations in Indonesia give the blessing of having incredible vanilla cultivations. 

Indonesian planifolia vanilla beans contain more caviar than Madagascar vanilla beans. By comparison, it has lower moisture content at 23-35% (less water, more vanilla).

Through our commitment of a triple-check-inspection program, you can ensure the quality of your vanilla beans bulk. We guarantee every shipment of Grade A/Grade B vanilla beans bulk you receive will be 100% fresh and delivered on time. 

Struggling to find ways in improving your vanilla ice cream in your shops? If you expect a new variation in your signature vanilla ice cream, try a change to Indonesian planifolia vanilla beans. Let’s make your customers taste the unforgettable sensation of fruit-like and acidic notes in your products! Our secure online vanilla and spice bulk store makes it easy to use and shop at wholesale price.

Madagascar Vanilla Beans Specifications

Madagascar vanilla beans or Bourbon vanilla beans ranks as one of the best vanilla beans used in the US. Despite its name, bourbon vanilla beans don’t have any correlation with bourbon whiskey, its name belongs to where it’s planted.

Madagascar vanilla beans have a black-colored with a strong vanilla flavor, sweet, creamy, and buttery aroma. Processed with the ‘Bourbon method,’ – 4 steps covering dipping the vanilla beans into boiled water, wrapping vanilla beans in wool & dark airtight container, sun-dried drying method, and placing vanilla beans in wax-paper boxes for a month before distribution– makes Madagascar vanilla beans contain higher moisture content –around 30-35%– compared to Indonesian planifolia vanilla beans. 

In spite of more water due to its high moisture content, it contains less vanilla. Bourbon vanilla beans are around 13-15cm (5-6 inches) in length.

Why Should You Pick Indonesian Vanilla Beans Instead Of Madagascar Vanilla Beans?

In terms of quality, Indonesian vanilla beans contain more vanilla seeds/caviar from a single bean. This means that you will get more from a single Indonesian vanilla bean compared to Madagascar vanilla beans. 

The beans will automatically pass a heavier vanilla flavor to your bread, ice cream, or gelato. Technically, the higher moisture content in vanilla beans plays a small role in making your dish flavorful with a vanilla taste. 

To point out, Indonesian climate conditions and its special soil characteristics contribute to the higher content of vanilla caviar. Resulting in plumper and pliable Indonesian vanilla beans.

The natural vanillin content in vanilla beans supports the quality of the vanilla beans. The higher concentration of natural vanillin contained in a vanilla bean, the higher quality it offers. Our Indonesian vanilla beans bulk Grade A vanillin percentage is around 2%. In other words, it has a higher range in the standard for the best vanilla quality; 0.75-1.5%.

Indonesian vanilla beans are well-known as one of the best gourmet vanilla beans. On the other hand, Madagascar vanilla beans are branded for their expensive price from the hype. However, Madagascar vanilla beans contain less vanilla caviar and more moisture content. In that case, you will need extra vanilla beans to enhance the vanilla flavor of your foods.

Don’t let the hype cost you more! At a more reasonable price, Indonesian vanilla beans contain more caviar. More caviar means the pungent vanilla taste and aroma you expect; sweet with intense vanilla flavor and aroma. Please note that its usage is not limited to dish ingredients only. Vanilla caviar is applicable for the perfume-making industry –to amplify the vanilla aroma– as well.

Where to Buy Vanilla Beans in Bulk?

Now that you have a better understanding of the key differences between Indonesian vanilla beans and Madagascar vanilla beans bulk, your decision should also bring you a vanilla taste that matches your expectations. 

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC plays a key part of the world’s supply chain of vanilla beans. We supply and deliver the best quality bulk vanilla beans from a single estate in Java island, Indonesia. 

We have simplified the supply chain of our vanilla beans in bulk, directly sent from Indonesia to the US with no middlemen. Specially to distribute and continuously deliver our spices at the most competitive price. 

Request a vanilla beans bulk estimate today. We offer product guarantees continuously, 100% fresh vanilla beans, and always on-time delivery. Get your vanilla beans bulk quote at Contact Us.

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